Rupert is a script reader for Ambassadors Theatre Group, & has developed new scripts with writers/practitioners including Philip Ridley, Jamie Lloyd, Mike Poulton, Jeremy Sams, Matthew Trevannion & Dina Nayeri. 

Jamie Lloyd
Olivier Award Nominated Director & Producer

"Rupert’s incisive critical faculties make him an invaluable asset to a production, as a director, as dramaturg and as script developer. I highly recommend working with him"
Dina Nayeri
Multiple Award Winning Novelist and Essayist

"Rupert's input transformed my play! His was exactly the type of specialised theatre expertise I needed. I'll be taking all my future scripts through him."
Mike Poulton
Tony & Olivier Nominated Writer

"In working with writers and directors on the development of a text he brings not simply an incisive appreciation of the immediate dramatic possibilities of the work, but a deep understanding of it’s place in current theatrical trends."
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